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Forum-wide posting guidelines and rules (Must Read)

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Welcome To Masalamms's Forum-wide Posting Rules

1.Do not post watermarked old repost videos or images (will be banned).
2.All posts must be entirely in English.
3.Post in the proper sections.
4.MAY NOT use the forum for commercial purposes or post spam.
5.You MAY NOT use money generating redirecting links (i.e. link-bucks, cash-url)
6.DO NOT post links to websites, blogs, folders or other forums.
7.DO NOT post links requiring registration or premium subscription to download.
8.Before posting, you must review Allowed, Banned and Preferred Hosts.
9.NEVER use a pay-site name in thread titles, posts titles, link names or text of posts.
10.Do not use CAPS ,Special Fonts and Characters in thread's title!
11.Use at least one  thumbnails when posting videos or zipped images.
12.Include sample one image with zipped images when posting picture links. 
13.Do not flood or mass post anything.
14.Accounts determined to be abusing automated posting software (posting bots), will be banned.
15.Do not post your or others' personal information.
16.Don't ask for others personal information or personal items or pics/videos of our members.
17.You may NOT have more than one account. 
18.No Animal, Child, Rape, Violence,Under 18y or illegal porn!
19.Yours screencaps should be biggest 225 x 225 px.
20.Аlways include text information with file size, file type and playing time when posting video or zipped images links.
21.DO NOT post Files without file extinction. 

The following content is PROHIBITED:

- images featuring persons under 18 years old
- images portraying bestiality
- images portraying 'scat'
- images portraying scenes of rape (real or simulated), including any reference to "rape"

-There are many females that browse, contribute and help moderate. 
-Let's try to respect each other and the women posted here. 
-Do not use names like "slut", "bitch", "whore" etc... when describing women. It is offensive and we don't need that here!
-Do not use the above terms in the titles of your post.
-Do not use the following terms in your titles or in the content of your threads: "very young", "young", "young teen", "barely legal". 
-If the girls in your thread fit these descriptions you shouldn't be posting them so use some common sense!

If you have any problems - PM to Moderator or Admin. 

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