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How to post new videos images and zipped images

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Welcome To Masalamms's Forum-wide Posting Guidelines

Uploading files and posting contents in the FORUM is a 2 step process

Step 1 Uploading files in the file hosting sites
- To upload video / zip, must use : kikupload.xyz < (no registration needed for kikupload just upload files) 

And along with kikupload, you may use hosts like openload.co , gounlimited.to for earnings.

(try to upload pics in zip file)

Step 2 Posting contents in the forum
- Register in the forum - here


Sign in and click "Start new topic" see the pic below.




Select proper sections and click continue (IMPORTANT)




1 Type Title of the video / zipped images
2 Type at least 5 Tags
3 Simply paste download link (video / zipped images download link)

4 Click choose files.. for attaching posters
- For videos attach at least 1 screen capture poster (Maximum 3 images )
- For zipped images attach at least 1 poster (Maximum 3 images )

5 Finally click "Submit Topic"


Need support sign up and contact admin here

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52 minutes ago, Fappfapp said:

Hey how do we earn by it ??

can use openload.co or similar sites for earning they will pay for each download or for watching 

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